CCR Board – The Board of Certified Court Reporter Examiners
This nine-member Board, composed of five judges and four court reporters, was established by the Supreme Court. It administers the CCR exam, which is now the mandatory certification for court reporters in Missouri. In addition, it is responsible for tracking reported CE credits. However, it is the responsibility of each court reporter to report their credit hours annually to the CCR Board. It is not connected with MCRA or CREC.

The members currently serving on the CCR Board are: Honorable Colleen Dolan (Chair),  Honorable Russell E. Steele, Honorable John Torrence, Honorable David Lee Vincent III, Honorable Laura J. Johnson, Reporter Deborah McLaughlin, Reporter Angie Culler, Reporter Brett Harrison, Reporter Linda Dattilo. Registrar is Maggie Burch, and consultant to the Board is Mary K. Conway.

OSCA – Office of State Courts Administrator
This body is the administrative arm of the Supreme Court. Its function is to provide administrative support to the courts.

CREC – Court Reporter Education Committee

This committee is under the auspices of the Certified Court Reporter Board of Examiners. The chair and members are appointed by the Supreme Court. Its function is to develop, review, and accredit continuing education programs for certified court reporters in Missouri. It is not connected with MCRA. Reporters currently serving on the committee are:  Linda Dattilo, Chair.  Kathy Foley, Brett Harrison, Connie McKeen, Pam Koch, Shana Crane, Andrea Patterson, and Jessica Musser.

MCRA – Missouri Court Reporters Association
This professional association is a volunteer, not-for-profit organization of court reporters in the state of Missouri. Its mission is to provide continuing education for court reporters, to promote the professional welfare of court reporters, to encourage high standards of proficiency and ethics among the members of the Association, and to establish and maintain good relations with the public and the Bar. MCRA is not connected with the CCR Board or OSCA or CREC.


Each Certified Court Reporter (CCR) must complete at least 10 credit hours (10 contact hours) of continuing education each year. There are a variety of ways to earn continuing education credits, such as:

MCRA’s conventions and webinars.

CREC-developed programs, which consist of a two-day program in the summer and a two-day seminar in the fall in conjunction with the Judicial College programs. (The two-day fall program is a duplication of the two-day summer program.) For more information, contact

NCRA accredited programs

NVRA accredited programs

In addition:

Other state association seminars

Seminars offered by software vendors

Higher education courses

Adult education classes State-sponsored Speed Contest

Successfully passing the CRR (realtime) exam

Note: Continuing education requirements and reporting requirements may vary among the different organizations (i.e., Missouri CCR, NCRA, NVRA). It is the responsibility of the reporter to make sure they report their continuing education points to the appropriate association in a proper and timely manner.


If you attend a CREC-sponsored program, those points are automatically reported to the CCR Board. You do not need to do anything.

  • If you are a member of NCRA or NVRA and attend one of their sponsored programs, it is your responsibility to see that your points are reported to the CCR Board, either by providing proof (a copy of your transcript from that organization) or by contacting NCRA or NVRA and requesting that your transcript be sent to the CCR Board.
  • If you attend an MCRA-sponsored program, MCRA will have punch cards available for CCRs. It is your responsibility to make sure you obtain a card and have it punched and turned in at the end of the seminar. It will then be submitted to the CCR Board for you.
  • If you attend a program in another state and are not a member of NCRA or NVRA, you will probably have to use an NCRA or NVRA card and have it punched for each seminar you attend. Keep the card at the end of the seminar and send it, along with a copy of the agenda, to the CCR Board.

Note: It is recommended that you maintain a record of CE points earned.