Welcome students!

We,as the Missouri Student Affairs Committee of MCRA, are here for you. Please feel free to contact us any time for anything.  We will be glad to mentor, assist, guide, or give advice when needed!

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Missouri Court Reporting Students, where we give weekly advice and tips on the many facets of the world of court reporting!  All students are encouraged to attend MCRA’s annual conventions, holiday parties, and training sessions.  We have been sponsoring students for the conventions for many years and all of our students get to attend for free!  MCRA welcomes you, the student, with open arms. Please join and be part of our growing association!

Your Student Affairs Committee of Missouri

  • Rebecca A. Brewer, Chair
  • Deborah McLaughlin
  • Karen Russo
  • Dianna Hark
  • Robin Cox
  • Peggy Lange
  • Kate Saunders
  • Laura Lynn Murphy
  • Rozann Brancato
  • Patti Ziegler
  • Shana Crane