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We, as the Missouri Student Affairs Committee of MCRA, are here for you. Please feel free to contact us any time for anything.  We will be glad to mentor, assist, guide, or give advice when needed!

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Missouri Court Reporting Students, where we give weekly advice and tips on the many facets of the world of court reporting!  All students are encouraged to attend MCRA’s annual conventions, holiday parties, and training sessions.  We have been sponsoring students for the conventions for many years and all of our students get to attend for free!  MCRA welcomes you, the student, with open arms. Please join and be part of our growing association!

Your Student Affairs Committee of Missouri

  • Rebecca A. Brewer, Chair  btsreporting@gmail.com
  • Deborah McLaughlin   debmcl1@att.net
  • Karen Russo  russoreporting@sbcgobal.net
  • Dianna Hark  dihark17@gmail.com
  • Robin Cox robin.cox@courts.mo.gov
  • Peggy Lange  peggylange@sbcglobal.net
  • Kate Saunders  kmsaunders@ssd.k12.mo.us
  • Laura Lynn Murphy  llmdepo@swbell.net
  • Rozann Brancato   rozann.brancato@courts.mo.gov
  • Patti Ziegler   pziegler@emacc.edu
  • Shana Crane slcrane1@yahoo.com

NVRA Certification Testing Schedule for 2019/20:

KANSAS CITY, MO: October 12-13, 2019
JACKSONVILLE, FL: November 9-10, 2019 (New Date)
ATLANTA, GA: December 7-8, 2019
ST. LOUIS, MO: January 11-12, 2020
LITTLE ROCK, AR: February 8-9, 2020
ATLANTA, GA: March 14-15, 2020
COLUMBIA, SC: April 18-19, 2020
COLUMBUS, GA: May 16-17, 2020
LITTLE ROCK, AR: June 27-28, 2020
SAN ANTONIO, TX: July 22-23, 2020
SAVANNAH, GA: August 22-23, 2020
CLEVELAND, OH: September 19-20, 2020
TORONTO, CANADA: October 17-18, 2020
JACKSONVILLE, FL: November 14-15, 2020
ATLANTA, GA: December 12-13, 2020

Certification Testing for the following: CVR, CVR-S, CM/CM-S, CLT/CLS, RVR/RVR-S, RVR-M and RVR-M-S.

Please visit the NVRA website for details and to register. https://nvra.org/testing

Stand out with NCRA’s certifications!

In this section, you will find the information you need to test for NCRA’s various certifications and certificate programs.

Select a certification below to learn more about the certification process and how to register for exams.

  • RPR – Registered Professional Reporter
  • RMR – Registered Meric Reporter
  • RDR – Registered Diplomate Reporter
  • CRR – Certified Realtime Reporter
  • CRC – Certified Realtime Captioner
  • CLVS – Certified Legal Video Specialist

Online Skills Test information

Written Knowledge Test information

Testing forms

Exam retention policy