The 22nd Judicial Circuit Court of the City of St. Louis has openings for Swing Court Reporters. Applicants must possess a high school diploma, training in court stenography, and be a Certified Court Reporter in the State of Missouri (Missouri CCR). For full job description see below. Submit resume ASAP with references to: or by FAX to (314) 622-4524 or mail to:

Deborah Leahey, HR Manager
Civil Courts Bldg.
10 N. Tucker Blvd., Room 412
St. Louis, MO 63101

Twenty-second Judicial Circuit of Missouri

DEPARTMENT: Court Administrator’s Office (#311)

CLASS TITLE: Swing Court Reporter (Certified Court Reporter)

SALARY: $60,072

CLASS DEFINITION: Under the direction of the Presiding Judge; Swing Court Reporters provide relief for the Official Court Reporters appointed by the Circuit Judges; assumes the tasks normally performed by the Official Court Reporter; and acts on behalf of the Official Court Reporter during his/her absence. Swing Court Reporters can be assigned to fill in for any Official Reporter in any courtroom at any time. Swing Court Reporters provide relief on a schedule established by the Scheduler or his/her designee.


  • Performs the duties and acts in the capacity of the Official Court Reporter appointed by the judge during the Official Court Reporters absence.
  • Attends the sessions of the court, under the direction of the circuit judge.
  • Takes full stenographic notes of the oral evidence offered in every cause tried in said court to include all objections to the admissibility of testimony, rulings of the court thereon, and exceptions to such rulings.
  • Preserves all official notes taken in said court for future use or reference by following the procedures outlined in Local Court Rule 100.4.
  • Furnishes transcripts of all or any part of said evidence or oral proceedings upon payment of fee as provided in Chapter 485 of Missouri Revised Statues and Local Court Rule 10.4.
  • Performs other related duties as required.


  • Considerable skill using legal terminology.
  • Ability to perform court stenography in a courtroom setting.
  • Excellent court stenographic skills.
  • Ability to move to different courtrooms on short notice.

MINIMUM EDUCATIONAL REQUIREMENTS: Must possess a high school diploma or equivalent and received additional training in the field of Court Stenography. Appointee must be a Certified Court Reporter in the State of Missouri.

EXPERIENCE AND RESIDENCE REQUIREMENTS: At least one year of experience in a courtroom setting preferred. Must be at least 21 years of age.