[accordions] [accordion title=”Is MO certification reciprocal to any other certifications?”]

No. Every reporter working in the State of MO must hold certification issued by the Supreme Court of Missouri Board of Certified Court Reporter Examiners. Tests are given twice a year. See link for more information: http://www.courts.mo.gov/page.jsp?id=355


[/accordion] [accordion title=”How many CEs are required each year to maintain certification in good standing?”]

10 CEUs per year are required to maintain your MO certification. See link for more information: https://www.courts.mo.gov/file.jsp?id=357

[/accordion] [accordion title=”Does MO offer a realtime certification?”]

Yes. The MO CRR is given each year at the annual convention. A reporter who successfully passes the MO CRR shall receive 10 CEs.

[/accordion] [accordion title=”Can a voicewriter obtain certification in Missouri?”]

Yes. Machine writers and voicewriters are tested at the same time.

[/accordion] [accordion title=”Is MO a great place to work as a court reporter?”]

Yes. You should apply. Watch our job openings tab for updates!

[/accordion] [accordion title=”Who puts on the annual convention?”]

Missouri Court Reporters Association has an annual convention that offers 10 CE points.

[/accordion] [accordion title=”Who employs a lobbyist to protect officials jobs and protect freelancers from attempts to get their audio, as was the case this last legislative session?”]

MCRA has a lobbyist who is looking out for our interests and to protect us!

[/accordion] [/accordions]