With the Missouri Court Reporters Association’s conference being on April 27 and 28, 2019, it is time to submit nominations for the 2019 Missouri Court Reporters Association’s Distinguished Service Award.

The MCRA DSA is to recognize an individual member who has gone above and beyond to serve our court reporting profession. This can include service and volunteering for our state association and/or national associations.

The DSA honoree can be an official, freelancer, captioner or CART provider.

This is a high honor awarded to an outstanding member of our association.

Please send your nominations to

Jean Brown at jeanbrown202@charter.net or dorothyjeanbrown202@gmail.com

on or before March 21, 2019.

Please remember that this nomination is to be kept “SECRET.” The DSA Committee will review the nominations and select the 2019 DSA recipient. Please include in your submission the reasons why you feel the nominee should receive the award.

The DSA Committee Chair, Jean Brown