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As a member of the Board of Directors, I will:
♦  listen carefully to my fellow Board members;
♦  carefully consider and respect the opinions of my fellow Board members;
♦  respect and support all majority decisions of the Board;
♦  recognize the authority is vested in the Board;
♦  keep well-informed of developments relevant to issues that may come before the Board;
♦ participate actively in Board meetings and actions and not discuss elsewhere what I am unwilling to discuss in Board meetings;
♦  bring to the attention of the Board any issues I believe will have a significant effect on our organization or those we serve;
♦  attempt to communicate the needs of those we serve to the Board of Directors;
♦  refer complaints directly to the proper level in the chain of command;
♦  recognize my job is to ensure that the organization is well-managed, not necessarily to manage the organization;
♦  represent all those whom this organization serves versus geographic or special interest groups;
♦  consider myself a “trustee” of the organization and do my best to ensure it is well maintained, financially secure, and always     operating in accord with our stated objectives;
♦  work to learn how to do my job better; and
♦  acknowledge conflicts of interest between my personal life and my position on the Board, and abstain from voting or attempting to influence issues in which I am conflicted.

As a member of the Board of Directors, I will not:
♦  criticize fellow Board members or their opinions outside of the Board room;
♦  use the organization or my position for my personal advantage or that of my friends, relatives, or associates;
♦  discuss the confidential proceedings of the Board outside the Board room;
♦  promise how I will vote on an issue before hearing the discussion and becoming fully informed on that issue; and
♦  speak for or in behalf of the organization unless specifically authorized to do so.